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> 642 pages, 758 references, maps, illustrations, index<

The first book to prove the Dutch Government is running a show trial, with Dutch judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and police serving as soldiers in the Kiev regime’s  and the NATO war against Russia.

Every one of them is making more money than they were before MH17 was shot down — €35 million more for the judges; €13 million more for the prosecutors; €221 million for the police.

An encyclopaedic demonstration  of  Ukrainian evidence tampering, US satellite faking,  and witness lying under SBU torture and bribery to demonstrate that the Russians accused have no case to answer; that the judge’s guilty verdict has been rigged, and that the defence lawyers should now walk out of the court.

Part I, The Dead Talk Back; Part II, Double Dutch; and Part III, The Standard of Proof, unravel the Dutch lying which began, as Chapter 2 reveals, from the minute the wreckage of the aircraft and the bodies of its 298 occupants hit the ground. Part IV, The Trial, exposes the show in a trial which is too unlawful to be staged in a British or American court.


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John Helmer is the longest continuously serving foreign correspondent in Russia, and the only western journalist to direct his own bureau independent of single national or commercial ties. He first set up his bureau in 1989. At the time it was the first Australian newspaper representation in Russia. In the US he led Russian business coverage for The Journal of Commerce and Platt’s Metals. In Asia he was Russia Correspondent for the Singapore Straits Times and Business Times, the Bangkok Post, the 21st Century Business Herald of Shanghai, and Viewpoint of Lahore. He has reported from Moscow for the leading media of South Africa and broadcasts for Gorilla Radio of Canada.

With advanced degrees from Harvard University, he has also been a professor of political science, and a policy and strategy advisor to government heads in the United States, Greece, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

Max van der Werff. Of Dutch and Javanese family, and educated in The Netherlands, he began his career as a citizen journalist investigating the torture of civilians by the Dutch colonial administration during the Indonesian war for independence. His subsequent work on the MH17 case includes the documentary film of July 2019, “MH17 – Call for Justice”, which has been seen by more than 340,000 viewers. He runs a commercial business in Europe and divides his time between The Netherlands and the Philippines.

Liane Theuerkauf. After studying politics, sociology and media science at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, she worked as an editor for German television. She has been film editor of many award-winning television documentaries, including “Living Buddha” by Clemens Kuby, which won the 1995 Bavarian Film Prize for best film. Since 2002 she has worked in the film synchronisation business for German companies.

Sam Bullard. Born in Oxford, Mississippi, and educated at the Universities of Georgia and South Carolina, he is a lifelong resident of the Deep South. He owns and operates a commercial business in North Carolina. He has not served in the military or been engaged in any other form of state service except for paying taxes.

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