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By John Helmer, Moscow

The month of August is for dead-heading the roses, so that there will be fresh blooms before winter. It is the time to charge empty vessels (lead image, rear).

Plato was mistaken to claim that empty vessels make the loudest noise; that depends not only on the vessels but on the implement and the force used to strike them. Jesus Christ, who isn’t known to have read the old Greek, fixed his mistake by pointing out that instead of banging on as Plato did, the empty vessel can be filled with something quite useful, like the spirit of God; in Jesus’s case, referring to the empty Paul of Damascus, Jesus meant Himself.  

Bears are more modest. This bear (lead image, front) prefers the company of readers, disclaiming disciples, state propaganda organs, substacks, and podcasters calling themselves judging freedom.  Accordingly, this bear recommends the usefulness of clear water to fill the vessel, and for splashing about when the heat of the day is at its peak.   

This is why the Moscow office is closing for the traditional time of aestivation  — until September. That’s the month when the potted and pruned Ipomoea nil (Morning Glory) will reappear. Count on it.

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