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By John Helmer, Moscow 

In a series of moves coordinated with German and other NATO government officials, Alexei Navalny has released a fabricated internet message while his wife Yulia Navalnaya is in Germany to seek German, British and US Government aid for Navalny’s release from prison on terms that will end his political ambitions in Russia.

The details, confirmed by more than a dozen people familiar with the matter,   have surfaced just four weeks  after Navalny was sent to IK-2 Pokrov, a special-measures prison near Yaroslavl.  

In a March 26  Instagram posting made to appear as if Navalny himself had prepared it in jail,  two pictures reveal a foreign service fabrication with a coded message for the Kremlin. Navalny, the code reveals, is willing to accept terms for his release similar to those accepted by Mikhail Khodorkovsky in December 2013.   In return for a letter to President Vladimir Putin admitting his guilt on the offences charged, the proposal is for him to be released to Germany where Navalny would be granted permanent asylum, never to return to Russia.

According to Reuters, the US-based propaganda agency, Navalny has been in the Pokrov penal colony for a month, since his transfer from the Moscow remand prison on February 25.

Source: Reuters

On March 25, the internet publication Meduza – a NATO funded propaganda organ based in Riga, Latvia – reported that Yulia Navalnya had flown from Moscow to Germany the day before. She flew on Lufthansa from Domodedovo Airport, checking in at the economy class desk.

Source: https://iz.ru/

On March 26, Navalny released this Instagram text with two photographs of himself.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/
The photograph of Navalny with eyepatch and tie dates from March 2017. A slightly different version of the picture was published by RFE, the US Government propaganda organ, when Navalny was claiming he was leaving for Barcelona, Spain, for "treatment of an injury suffered when an assailant splashed a green antiseptic known as 'zelyonka' on his face in Moscow on April 27." Click to compare the original.  

According to the text, Navalny says: “Once Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who served 10 years in prison, told me: the main thing is not to get sick there. No one will treat you. Seriously sick – you die.”  According to a western diplomat, Navalny has not directly associated himself with Khodorkovsky in Russian in this explicit way before.

“Like our politicians, Navalny does not like to share the spotlight,” the source claims, “He’s also a political realist. There’s no Russian support for Khodorkovsky. But all Russians know that Khodorkovsky was in prison for a long time except for those who are 7 years old or less, born after Khodorkovsky’s release [in December 2013]. This is a hint of a deal with the Kremlin along the Khodorkovsky lines; that’s to say, release into permanent exile.”

For the story of Khodorkovsky’s release from prison in December 2013, after he had sent a letter to the Kremlin requesting pardon, click to read. For Khodorkovsky’s most recent endorsement of Navalny, a qualified one, click to watch.

Source: http://johnhelmer.online/

The medical conditions Navalny describes in the Instagram post are also a reminder to the Kremlin of the back pain which was the cover story for Yulia Tymoshenko to be released from a Kiev prison to Germany in February 2014. Her recovery at the Charité Clinic in Berlin was so rapid that —  according to a German source close to the German Foreign Ministry —  she went shopping within a week of her admission to hospital.

The self-diagnosis by Navalny keeps secret his prior medical conditions,  and also his lithium and benzodiazepine medications revealed by the German doctors in their report in The Lancet of last December.

Psychiatrists familiar with these drugs for treatment of bipolar disorder refer to the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual for identification of the symptoms Navalny has displayed in his recent Moscow courtroom appearances, as well as in his selection of selfies on the internet and the German media.  

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), 5th edition,  Navalny’s symptoms can be found at categories 296.89;  301.50; and 301.81.

“Patients with bipolar II disorder”, reports one specialist, “suffer from mood swings which last a minimum of four days at a time, with more depressive swings than highs. In particular, this type of patient needs an audience.” Western psychiatrists are reluctant to gauge the impact of isolation prison conditions on Navalny, without the lithium and benzodiazepines recorded by Navalny’s German clinicians. 

Source: http://johnhelmer.online/

A member of a London club for British intelligence service veterans has analysed the costumes presented in the Navalny Instagram as clumsy work, possibly by a person of Russian origin working in London.

In the first picture, “it’s not a regimental tie. They are always very defined and contrasting blocks and stripes of colour. This one is distinctively using two contrasting tones of red, relying on texture.  Typically too, I would say the same of most British club ties. They rely on crests and solid colours. There could well be one I haven’t seen, but this doesn’t look right.  This one looks to me like a design from an airline cabin staff uniform.”  

Source: https://www.instagram.com/

Several sources have remarked that in the pirate photograph, Navalny is wearing women’s clothes. The coat, according to the sources, is a woman’s waterproof too light in weight for Russian weather, and too small to close around Navaly’s girth. The scarf is a woman’s pashmina shawl — again un-Russian, but an item Navalny’s London-based staff will have in their wardrobes.

According to the British intelligence source, “the pirate looks like a Jack Sparrow outfit from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – for example, the odd devices and scarf hanging from the belt. But Sparrow doesn’t have a wooden leg.”  

Source: https://www.filmsjackets.com/

The wooden leg in the Instagram picture is the only male element in Navalny’s presentation.

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